Is it solo hiking if my dogs join me?

My pace, my adventure, and my reasons for hiking. What is not to love about being solo on the trail? Sometimes it's nice not to have a human companion but still want someone to talk to, to feel safe with, and to relax with. That is when Asha comes hiking with me. My dogs are … Continue reading Is it solo hiking if my dogs join me?

Long weekend at Riding Mountain

I hiked and camped at Riding Mountain National Park a few weeks ago with a group. Like all trips to the park for me, Whitehouse bakery was our first stop and group meeting spot. The maple cinnamon buns and cream cheese cinnamon buns were just as I expected. Warm, gooey, and the perfect late morning … Continue reading Long weekend at Riding Mountain

Hiking with Asha has changed

Asha's energy level has mellowed out as she's become older. She still has a bit of puppy left in her and I think she always will. Her breed, an American Akita is typically not a hyper, high-energy dog and does well with a daily 30-minute walk. We go for longer walks when we have time. … Continue reading Hiking with Asha has changed

Sometimes it’s hard being me

I had a love affair with Earl Grey tea during traditional Afternoon Tea when my husband and I stayed at Fairmont Ch√Ęteau Lake Louise. I sat in the Lake View Lounge and spent my afternoon looking out at Victoria Glacier. Little did I know at that time, Earl Grey tea would return to soothe my … Continue reading Sometimes it’s hard being me

The feeling of nothing

I woke up this morning feeling nothing and feeling done. I wanted to stay in bed and I pushed it until the very last minute as I tend to do when I wake up feeling empty. I went to bed early last night at 7pm and my eyes closed well before my husband was done … Continue reading The feeling of nothing

Camping Gear Round Up

I spent time over the weekend sorting through my camping gear to prepare for a final overnight trip of 2017. Fall camping is a new experience for me and one that I am eager to try. All of my gear is three season so the window for camping comfortably is quickly closing. The group I … Continue reading Camping Gear Round Up

Hooray for my Fitbit Goal

I was slipping with wearing my Fitbit. It simply did not cross my mind to put it on in the morning lately, not even for my hike on the weekend. I gave myself heck for forgetting it because it would have been neat to see how many steps I did on the trail and walking … Continue reading Hooray for my Fitbit Goal

Winter is Coming

My mind drifts towards winter today. On the weekend I noticed that some of the leaves have changed colours, a yellow that was once green. Winter is coming. Fall and winter are my favourite seasons because of cooler weather but the lack of sunshine doesn't do me any favours. The sun will rise and set … Continue reading Winter is Coming