Conquering 2018

My New Years Resolutions the last couple of years have been focused around fun, slowing things down, and enjoying life in a calm and quite way. The goals have been about getting in touch with myself and continuing to evolve into an even more awesome version of myself. For my overall mental health and wellness, … Continue reading Conquering 2018

Winter is Coming

My mind drifts towards winter today. On the weekend I noticed that some of the leaves have changed colours, a yellow that was once green. Winter is coming. Fall and winter are my favourite seasons because of cooler weather but the lack of sunshine doesn't do me any favours. The sun will rise and set … Continue reading Winter is Coming

Life Goal: Hang Out on More Large Rocks 

My original Saturday afternoon plans consisted of hanging out at a book store with a cup of tea. The weather all week had been calling for 80% chance of thunderstorms, however much to my delight the storm passed and the skies called me for a hike. I picked up my friend and headed east for … Continue reading Life Goal: Hang Out on More Large Rocks