Saying Yes to Loving Myself

I made the decision three years ago to stop drinking alcohol. Valentine's Day is my anniversary and I have gifted myself something each year. My gift this year is to create more opportunities that I can say yes to. Removing alcohol and making my mental health a top priority has created space for me to … Continue reading Saying Yes to Loving Myself

Exploring Nature’s Jungle Gym

Bear Hug woke me up just before ten on Saturday morning to let me know he had made coffee. I felt a combination of rested yet still not feeling well. Our original plan for the weekend was to hike and camp as a family on Epinette Trail in Spruce Woods Provincial Park but my body … Continue reading Exploring Nature’s Jungle Gym

Family Hiking in the Sunshine

I surrounded myself with nature this morning. Red, oranges, and yellows mixed in with browns and greens greeted me along every step of the way at Spruce Woods Provincial Park. The sun was shining bright and it was a gorgeous fall day. My family and I ventured out for a hike through Spirit Sands and … Continue reading Family Hiking in the Sunshine

Dandelion, Bear Hug, and Blue Jay hike on Mantario

A new trail name has been bestowed upon me and I accept it with pride. Going forward, while I still feel like Wonder Woman, I shall be known as Dandelion. I am sure I am reading far more into the symbolizm of a dandelion than the thought that went into the name choice from my … Continue reading Dandelion, Bear Hug, and Blue Jay hike on Mantario

Sometimes it’s hard being me

I had a love affair with Earl Grey tea during traditional Afternoon Tea when my husband and I stayed at Fairmont Ch√Ęteau Lake Louise. I sat in the Lake View Lounge and spent my afternoon looking out at Victoria Glacier. Little did I know at that time, Earl Grey tea would return to soothe my … Continue reading Sometimes it’s hard being me

Hiking and Camping with Kids: Safety

I relish experiences where my daughter is encouraged to move out of her comfort zone. It is character building and a confidence booster. I like to think I walk a good balance between creating a safe environment in the outdoors and allowing space for natural consequences that create learning opportunities. There are some aspects of … Continue reading Hiking and Camping with Kids: Safety

Hiking and Camping with Kids: Getting Kids who are Reluctant into the Outdoors

I strive to offer my daughter a balance between the technology that rules our lives in 2018 and the natural world. I want to nurture every ounce of her enthusiasm for the outdoors for as long as possible and I also want to give her time for other interests like video games. It is my … Continue reading Hiking and Camping with Kids: Getting Kids who are Reluctant into the Outdoors

Hunt Lake Redemption

My previous time on Hunt Lake trail did not go well due to physical and mental overexertion. I had two anxiety attacks that resulted in me ripping my backpack off in the middle of the backcountry and hyperventilating. It was terrifying. My friend joined me for her first time on Hunt Lake and I took … Continue reading Hunt Lake Redemption

When things don’t go well with group hiking

I read a blog post written by someone who had been left alone on a hiking trip during a lightning storm. It struck a cord with me and I could feel the fear that the writer was experiencing. She was hiking with a group to summit Mount Whitney, which towers 14,494 feet above sea level. … Continue reading When things don’t go well with group hiking

Why I moved from a 45L to 70L as my main hiking pack

I am fascinated by all of the different choices of gear on the market and I enjoy reading reviews and learning about gear. I can talk for hours with employees at outdoors stores. I want to know about the latest and greatest market trends, the tried and true products that have stood the test of … Continue reading Why I moved from a 45L to 70L as my main hiking pack