Long weekend at Riding Mountain

I hiked and camped at Riding Mountain National Park a few weeks ago with a group. Like all trips to the park for me, Whitehouse bakery was our first stop and group meeting spot. The maple cinnamon buns and cream cheese cinnamon buns were just as I expected. Warm, gooey, and the perfect late morning … Continue reading Long weekend at Riding Mountain

Hooray for my Fitbit Goal

I was slipping with wearing my Fitbit. It simply did not cross my mind to put it on in the morning lately, not even for my hike on the weekend. I gave myself heck for forgetting it because it would have been neat to see how many steps I did on the trail and walking … Continue reading Hooray for my Fitbit Goal

Depression Will Not Win

This summer I visited two places that brought back a flood of memories from my youth, Ominik Marsh in Riding Mountain National Park and Epinette Creek Trials in Spruce Woods Provincial Park. I was fourteen years old when hiked Epinette and spent the night in the backcountry with Sea Cadets. I learned a lot of … Continue reading Depression Will Not Win

My dogs and mental health

Today I attended the Winnipeg March for Mental Health and brought along by dog Asha. I usually don't take her to large gatherings because of her high energy. She's three and a half years old and still has a lot of puppy energy. At 100 pounds it takes a lot of physical strength to control … Continue reading My dogs and mental health