Hooray for my Fitbit Goal

I was slipping with wearing my Fitbit. It simply did not cross my mind to put it on in the morning lately, not even for my hike on the weekend. I gave myself heck for forgetting it because it would have been neat to see how many steps I did on the trail and walking around Wasagaming to get cinnamon buns.

I sometimes sleep with it but I don’t use it to track my heart rate and sleep patterns, as cool at that feature is. I bought the Fitbit to encourage me to be accountable for physical activity.

Yesterday and today I have been back on track with wearing it. I hit my goal today of 8,000 steps. It’s recommended that I have 10,000 steps but I am realistic in my day to day activity. Sometimes I am lucky if I hit 4,000 because I have been at my desk all day and sink into the couch when I get home.

I harnessed Asha up for her final walk of the day and knowing I was close to my goal, we went for a longer walk than usual. Her last walk of the day is for her to do her business and if she does that as soon as we cross the street than back we go. She has two good walks a day, in the morning and afternoon so I don’t feel bad about cutting the third one really short. But today I wanted to go longer.

I reached my 8,000 steps! Asha impressed me with her impeccable leash manners too. I asked her to sit while there was a large flock of geese on the side of the pond. She sat and stared at them, not moving, not pulling, not trying to see if she could get a second dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast in one bite. She just sat.

The night sky was clear and I could see stars when I looked up and into the distance. Geese were settling in for the night along the shoreline. Silence in the air. A perfect way to end my day.

8,000 steps for the win!

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