A Soul-Reviving Solo Adventure

Riding Mountain National Park is a place that feels like home away from home for me and I always feel wrapped in the warmth of Mother Nature's arms. I seek good vibes and I do a lot of work to cultivate it around me. My self-care sometimes calls for a little soul-reviving action and that … Continue reading A Soul-Reviving Solo Adventure

My Day of Solo Hiking

I have been mentally exhausted constantly and with gearing up to hopefully lead outdoor events again soon, I was also in need of professional development. What better way to get everything I need than to wander through the woods! Spending time in nature always helps me with refocusing. With a much longed for and needed … Continue reading My Day of Solo Hiking

Travel near to go far

I woke up Saturday morning with a heavy heart. Disappointment, anger, sadness, irritation, and feeling annoyed on top of a poor night's rest flowed through me. It's been a rough few days with scattered emotions. I had an event with Backcountry Women on Saturday planned that I was looking very much forward to. I guzzled … Continue reading Travel near to go far

A Turtle’s Pace Weekend

When we used our large base camping tent last summer for the final time, we packed away one of the broken poles under the assumption that we would fix it when we got home. Ha! The tent sat in the basement all winter and we completely forgot about the broken pole until we set the … Continue reading A Turtle’s Pace Weekend

Our First “Real” Overnight of the Season

I have the word "real" in quotations because aside from sleeping in my backyard a few weekends ago, Friday night was the first overnight hike of the season. The overnight low hovered around 5°C. My daughter and I have camped in November but this past weekend has been our earliest. I was just itching to … Continue reading Our First “Real” Overnight of the Season

Early Spring Camping

I finished setting up camp at 9 o'clock at a fine little spot not far from Flamingo Crossing, also known as my backyard. The overnight low on Saturday, March 23 was predicted to feel like -17°C. The ground was frozen and snow remained around my tent, making it difficult to stake the tent down. In … Continue reading Early Spring Camping

Family Hiking in the Sunshine

I surrounded myself with nature this morning. Red, oranges, and yellows mixed in with browns and greens greeted me along every step of the way at Spruce Woods Provincial Park. The sun was shining bright and it was a gorgeous fall day. My family and I ventured out for a hike through Spirit Sands and … Continue reading Family Hiking in the Sunshine

Long weekend at Riding Mountain

I hiked and camped at Riding Mountain National Park a few weeks ago with a group. Like all trips to the park for me, Whitehouse bakery was our first stop and group meeting spot. The maple cinnamon buns and cream cheese cinnamon buns were just as I expected. Warm, gooey, and the perfect late morning … Continue reading Long weekend at Riding Mountain

Dandelion, Bear Hug, and Blue Jay hike on Mantario

A new trail name has been bestowed upon me and I accept it with pride. Going forward, while I still feel like Wonder Woman, I shall be known as Dandelion. I am sure I am reading far more into the symbolizm of a dandelion than the thought that went into the name choice from my … Continue reading Dandelion, Bear Hug, and Blue Jay hike on Mantario

Family Fun Weekend

"Mommy, why are you laying down to put on your pants?" I look at my daughter and respond that I am in a tent and that it is the only way to get dressed. Then I remember that we are in our family tent and my 6' tall husband can easily stand up in it. … Continue reading Family Fun Weekend