Mantario South to Caribou East

When talking about my hiking and backpacking pace, I joke that I am an overweight asthmatic. It is also the truth. I feel no shame and in fact, I use the way my body is as a source of empowerment and motivation. My body is powerful and strong and is capable of doing incredible things. … Continue reading Mantario South to Caribou East

Lovely Little Weekend

Blue Jay has been home since March and has had little-to-no formal structure other than spending one day at the Winnipeg Art Gallery for a small day camp. Select day camps are open this summer with greatly reduced numbers and we managed to secure a week at the YMCA. Well, let me tell you what … Continue reading Lovely Little Weekend

Wild and Free: September Long Weekend

Blue Jay and I spent the weekend together on a little holiday in Riding Mountain National Park. The park has gorgeous hiking and a charming little town. Our trip was a sweet way to wrap up the summer before heading into fall routines. We arrived in Wasagaming on Friday in the late afternoon and went … Continue reading Wild and Free: September Long Weekend

Navigating my Garmin inReach

My breath was taken away as I moved myself and my heavy backpack over demanding terrain. Blue Jay floated along effortlessly, full of spirit and song. She's a good morale booster. We were out for what would be her first overnight on Mantario on August Long Weekend, along with a friend and her son. The … Continue reading Navigating my Garmin inReach

A Turtle’s Pace Weekend

When we used our large base camping tent last summer for the final time, we packed away one of the broken poles under the assumption that we would fix it when we got home. Ha! The tent sat in the basement all winter and we completely forgot about the broken pole until we set the … Continue reading A Turtle’s Pace Weekend

A trail food chat

I am preparing and planning for my family to hike overnight this weekend. This will be my third overnight since Easter weekend and the second trip for my husband (Bear Hug) and daughter (Blue Jay.) Our gear is fairly organized and ready to be packed. I am a little type-A when it comes to my … Continue reading A trail food chat

Leave No Trace: Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Hiker Midnight is a popular term on long-distance hiking trails such as the Appalachian Trail. The general idea is that hikers are tired from the day and want to have a restful night before breaking camp in the morning. The ask is that other hikers tone down the noise and commotion at 9 PM, even … Continue reading Leave No Trace: Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Mentally Preparing for a Longer Distance Hike

Everyone has a place in the outdoors and nature welcomes all of us. Nature meets us where we currently are in our lives and the trail gives us what we need, whatever it is that we are looking for. I believe that hiking is 90% mental and 10% physical. The amount of kilometers covered on … Continue reading Mentally Preparing for a Longer Distance Hike

Savoury Breakfast Cookies for the Trail

My husband began to make breakfast on Sunday while I looked out my living room window with my mind in a fog. I felt overwhelmed and anxious when I woke up. I brought my journal and coloured pens to the dining room table and wrote while I sipped coffee. Journaling eased the anxious thoughts. My … Continue reading Savoury Breakfast Cookies for the Trail

Early Spring Camping

I finished setting up camp at 9 o'clock at a fine little spot not far from Flamingo Crossing, also known as my backyard. The overnight low on Saturday, March 23 was predicted to feel like -17°C. The ground was frozen and snow remained around my tent, making it difficult to stake the tent down. In … Continue reading Early Spring Camping