Getting Through the Bad Days

I have been incredibly stressed for the last month. I know that the stress I am feeling will subside when the move to our new house is complete. One more week. The stress has left me with low energy, irritability, sleeping an insane amount of hours but not feeling refreshed, and eating a horrible diet. … Continue reading Getting Through the Bad Days

Track Those Steps

I treated myself to a Fitbit. I have been thinking about getting one for a while but I had a hard time justifying that I would actually use it. Like a lot of things (ie: gym membership, new running shoes), I get bored fairly easy when it comes to activity and exercise. There is also … Continue reading Track Those Steps

More Than Just a Pack 

Each step on the trail is about hope, healing, and direction. Hope for my mental health, healing from what the past put in my path, and the direction I want for my future. My daughter took me shopping for my Mother's Day gift and let me play with it a few days early. This pack … Continue reading More Than Just a Pack 

My dogs and mental health

Today I attended the Winnipeg March for Mental Health and brought along by dog Asha. I usually don't take her to large gatherings because of her high energy. She's three and a half years old and still has a lot of puppy energy. At 100 pounds it takes a lot of physical strength to control … Continue reading My dogs and mental health