Dear Santa: I’ve Been Kind of Good

I have racked my brain trying to remember what Christmas was like after the age of about fourteen and the truth is that I cannot remember. I was more than likely in a black-out drunk state for the entire month of December, year after year. The month of December has typically involved a month-long mental … Continue reading Dear Santa: I’ve Been Kind of Good

Slay the Season

December has traditionally involved a month-long mental health breakdown complete with a rollercoaster ride of emotions, year after year. My love-hate relationship with Christmas began when I was a teenager. I have always been able to enjoy the fun, festive moments that were sprinkled in and I put myself out there in different ways to … Continue reading Slay the Season

Wild Child

Deep in the forest off the trail, so lush and enchantedMind, body, and soul searching to be restoredAmbition for transformative wishes to be grantedA wild woman wields her sword Stripped it all away in complicated solitudeMoving barefoot over the rock, her entire being strived for stabilityFloating on top of the invigorating cold water in the … Continue reading Wild Child

Strangers with Memories

Finally ready to open my brown eyesSmash that bottle to the groundObliterate the memorized harmful liesBrace for that lost girl to be found Worn out from living the days on repeatWaved goodbye to that lasting strainOvercome with devotion to march to my own beatPoured every bottle down the drain Trails were different and held contrastEmerged … Continue reading Strangers with Memories

Your Soul Whispered To You

With the weight of feeling the mistreatAnd forced to be aloneYou were thrown out to the streetWhere there lurked every unknown His body lay stiff in the box made of pineYou prayed that he would blinkScared to touch the pocket on his suit coatTo place inside a parting goodbye noteWrote with tears filled of inkGrief … Continue reading Your Soul Whispered To You

A Soul-Reviving Solo Adventure

Riding Mountain National Park is a place that feels like home away from home for me and I always feel wrapped in the warmth of Mother Nature's arms. I seek good vibes and I do a lot of work to cultivate it around me. My self-care sometimes calls for a little soul-reviving action and that … Continue reading A Soul-Reviving Solo Adventure

My Day of Solo Hiking

I have been mentally exhausted constantly and with gearing up to hopefully lead outdoor events again soon, I was also in need of professional development. What better way to get everything I need than to wander through the woods! Spending time in nature always helps me with refocusing. With a much longed for and needed … Continue reading My Day of Solo Hiking