My Morning with Dogs

Dogs! They are supposed to help me but I can’t move on from how irritated they made me this morning. It set my mood for the whole day. Damn furry four-legged best friends who I love so much.

Asha – just get in the flipping house!  You know the drill. Don’t just lay there and look at me all derpy like. I shook her bison treats that usually gets her butt moving but she just stood at the base of the stairs, wagging her tail. Well, at least I got her up. Get in the god damn house! She came in and trotted right past me and onto her bed, not stopping for her treat. She knew I was irritated and didn’t deserve a treat.

Arya – why the heck are you trying to leave with us? You never come with us in the morning. I know you love us but come on, you know the drill. Plus the car makes you sketchy. It wouldn’t be enjoyable and you would try to climb into the front seat and distract me. Just go upstairs and chill. But no, I had to lift you up and ended up knocking something off a shelf, causing a kerfuffle, which sketched you out. My poor puppy.

I hate mornings. I could give myself all the time in the world and there would still be something that would annoy me. Why dogs, why did it have to be you today? I love you dearly so just give me a break.

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