My Day of Solo Hiking

I have been mentally exhausted constantly and with gearing up to hopefully lead outdoor events again soon, I was also in need of professional development. What better way to get everything I need than to wander through the woods! Spending time in nature always helps me with refocusing. With a much longed for and needed … Continue reading My Day of Solo Hiking

It Just Became Way Too Much

I took a leave of absence from work recently due to my mental health taking a sharp decline. My depression and anxiety combined with acute life stress made day-to-day functioning extremely challenging. Mental illness is one of those things that unless you personally have experience with it, either through loved ones or yourself can be … Continue reading It Just Became Way Too Much

Reflections on my anxiety reflections

The anxiety that I experienced on Sunday still weighs heavy on my mind. I believe that experience is the worst attack that I have ever had. Memories of other attacks have played back in my mind like a film strip and nothing comes close, not even the time I hid in a stairwell while I … Continue reading Reflections on my anxiety reflections

Harnessing the power of the sunshine

Over one year ago I created Backpack Chronicles and in that time, I have worked on a lot of self-development, organized and participated in group hiking and camping events, and went on a number of solo day hikes by myself. This blog serves as a place of focus, where I can write about managing my … Continue reading Harnessing the power of the sunshine

Ssssscary Phobiasssss and Fearsssss

The plans for my Appalachian Trail section hike are coming together nicely. My group met last week and we talked about gear, weather, food, and mapped out our nightly stops. Our hotel for the night before our hike begins has also been booked. In addition to logistics and gear, we also discussed fears and phobias … Continue reading Ssssscary Phobiasssss and Fearsssss

Conquering 2018

My New Years Resolutions the last couple of years have been focused around fun, slowing things down, and enjoying life in a calm and quite way. The goals have been about getting in touch with myself and continuing to evolve into an even more awesome version of myself. For my overall mental health and wellness, … Continue reading Conquering 2018

Random Thoughts for the Day

I have writers block lately. I want to write but can't seem to get the words to be the way I want them to be. So instead, here are some random thoughts I have had going through my head today: The pumpkin cheesecake in the fridge. It's a special cheesecake that I make for Thanksgiving … Continue reading Random Thoughts for the Day

Grizzly Does Hot Yoga

Yoga is a good place for me to be. "It is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on the way down."  I don't know who to credit that quote too but it is one that I have built my practice around. I have a dedicated quiet space in my home … Continue reading Grizzly Does Hot Yoga

Getting Through the Bad Days

I have been incredibly stressed for the last month. I know that the stress I am feeling will subside when the move to our new house is complete. One more week. The stress has left me with low energy, irritability, sleeping an insane amount of hours but not feeling refreshed, and eating a horrible diet. … Continue reading Getting Through the Bad Days