Raising a Fierce Young Girl

Hiking makes me feel like a badass woman. I head out into the wilderness, sometimes by myself, carrying with me what I need to survive for a few hours or overnight. My mind does incredible things. I work through the past, give gratitude for the present, and design my future. I am a force to … Continue reading Raising a Fierce Young Girl

Feed me on the Trail: Vegetarian Chili

We use our mind and body all day to get to our destination while hiking so it's only right to fuel ourselves as best we can. For me, sometimes those meals will include eating a prepackaged hiking meal and other times, I will eat homemade goodness. I want my daughter to eat good food too … Continue reading Feed me on the Trail: Vegetarian Chili

Our First “Real” Overnight of the Season

I have the word "real" in quotations because aside from sleeping in my backyard a few weekends ago, Friday night was the first overnight hike of the season. The overnight low hovered around 5°C. My daughter and I have camped in November but this past weekend has been our earliest. I was just itching to … Continue reading Our First “Real” Overnight of the Season