Being Free while Solo Hiking

I arrived to Caribou Lake on Mantario around 2:30 in the afternoon and after setting up my tent and having dinner, I crawled into my tent to close my eyes for a few minutes. I tried laying on different rocks but like Goldilocks, I couldn't get comfortable. I emerged from my tent an hour or … Continue reading Being Free while Solo Hiking

Trekking my own path to success

I have had a little bit of writers block lately. I have put together bits and pieces of ideas that I just haven't been able to turn into a full-length blog post. So, here is a little snipit of what I have been up to lately in the outdoors, keeping a focus on the good … Continue reading Trekking my own path to success

Ssssscary Phobiasssss and Fearsssss

The plans for my Appalachian Trail section hike are coming together nicely. My group met last week and we talked about gear, weather, food, and mapped out our nightly stops. Our hotel for the night before our hike begins has also been booked. In addition to logistics and gear, we also discussed fears and phobias … Continue reading Ssssscary Phobiasssss and Fearsssss

Hiking and Camping Gear is an Investment into Postive Mental Health

I spent Saturday morning hiking at McGillivray Falls in the Whiteshell area of Manitoba with my friend who I will section hike the Appalachian Trail with. I went to McGillivray once before, at the beginning of the winter with my daughter for lunch and hiked to a spot 10 minutes in from the trail head. … Continue reading Hiking and Camping Gear is an Investment into Postive Mental Health

One foot in front of the other

Today I am two years sober from alcohol. My life feels natural and authentic without alcohol. Upon reaching my first year of sobriety I felt relieved that I had made it to my first year. The second year feels like this is my new normal. I have crafted a life free from alcohol that I … Continue reading One foot in front of the other

Be the Leader of the Back of the Pack 

I am a member of numerous hiking and camping groups on Facebook and a topic that I have seen a number of times is from slow hikers and how they feel on group hikes. I am a confident back of the pack hiker and I immediately support and defend those who are feeling embarrassed, sad, … Continue reading Be the Leader of the Back of the Pack 

Gratitude, Nature, and Mental Health 

I have been making a mindful effort to focus on gratitude.  I have an abundance of blessings in my life and I am thankful for who and what I  have. Focusing on gratitude has done wonders for my mental health and I feel like I am in a really good place. I have solid ways … Continue reading Gratitude, Nature, and Mental Health 

Empowering My Daughter Through the Outdoors

The outdoors is an amazing place to come to relax, challenge myself, teach and learn, and build a life around.  The outdoors and nature is my passion.  I take a lot of pride in passing my fondness of the outdoors on to C, my daughter, especially in the age of digital technology and people being outside … Continue reading Empowering My Daughter Through the Outdoors

A Taste for Sobriety 

There is no mental health manual that lists out the milestones that we are supposed to celebrate. Every journey is different and each one of us sees achievements in a different way. Right now I want to celebrate that I am comfortable being around alcohol without any desire for it. I kissed my husband on … Continue reading A Taste for Sobriety 

Yoga for Inner Peace 

I laid in child's pose with tears dripping from my eyes on to my yoga mat. I repeated silently in my mind, "I forgive. I forgive myself for the poison. I forgive myself for the damage. I forgive myself for all the times I was too hard on myself. I forgive." I was learning the … Continue reading Yoga for Inner Peace