Snowflake Winter Wellness Festival

Keep your eyes closed and focus inwards. Feel the rise and fall of your chest with each inhale and exhale. You're safe and feel at home in your body. When you inhale, feel your body expand with potential. When you exhale, send positive thought out into the world. I really did try to keep my … Continue reading Snowflake Winter Wellness Festival

Hunt Lake Redemption

My previous time on Hunt Lake trail did not go well due to physical and mental overexertion. I had two anxiety attacks that resulted in me ripping my backpack off in the middle of the backcountry and hyperventilating. It was terrifying. My friend joined me for her first time on Hunt Lake and I took … Continue reading Hunt Lake Redemption

Yoga for Inner Peace 

I laid in child's pose with tears dripping from my eyes on to my yoga mat. I repeated silently in my mind, "I forgive. I forgive myself for the poison. I forgive myself for the damage. I forgive myself for all the times I was too hard on myself. I forgive." I was learning the … Continue reading Yoga for Inner Peace 

Courage to Change 

I decided to no longer drink alcohol on February 14, 2016 and this past weekend I can comfortably say that I am secure in who I am and my decisions. Being sober has changed an exorbitant amount of my mind, body, and spirit. It may sound cliché but it is incredible what the universe gives … Continue reading Courage to Change