Being Free while Solo Hiking

I arrived to Caribou Lake on Mantario around 2:30 in the afternoon and after setting up my tent and having dinner, I crawled into my tent to close my eyes for a few minutes. I tried laying on different rocks but like Goldilocks, I couldn’t get comfortable. I emerged from my tent an hour or so later after being awoken by ninja noises and two people battling with sticks. The campsite area had become active during the time that I was in my tent.

I saw three points or peninsula’s at Caribou west. There could be more but I only explored one plus the one I decided to set up camp on. I was on the middle peninsula with a solo guy plus a woman and her partner. The woman and her partner were nice and we briefly chatted but I could tell they were there for some love’n so I kept my distance. They told me that if I needed anything at all during the night to come wake them. In ways I liked that there were people around and in other ways I didn’t, just because of the noise.

On Sunday morning, I woke up at 6:25 and hightailed it out of camp at 7. I left early because I wanted to get a head start on the two large groups that would eventually start hiking. Another reason I left early is it is our goal while on Appalachian Trail to start hiking as early as possible so that we can hammer out some miles before the air gets too hot. We will take a siesta for a couple hours before carrying on to camp.

Here are episodes three and four!

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