Random Thoughts for the Day

I have writers block lately. I want to write but can’t seem to get the words to be the way I want them to be. So instead, here are some random thoughts I have had going through my head today:

  • The pumpkin cheesecake in the fridge. It’s a special cheesecake that I make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The crust is made with ginger snap cookies and caramel sauce is drizzled on top. I want it so bad but instead I ate dry, bland broccoli at lunch. 

  • I am going into my third of week of Weight Watchers. My goal is to be stronger by next September to hike Mantario trail. I theroetically could hike it now but I know it would not be as enjoyable. I want to spend 4 – 5 nights camping on a hiking trail and for it to be a reward and not a punishment. 
  • You catch more bees with honey. Control is an all or nothing situation. Influence is what makes people rise up. People will begrudgingly follow with control if they need to. Choose wisely. 
  • I run Manitoba Muddy Girls on Facebook, a local group that gets women together to share in their love of outdoor pursuits. This weekend we are teaming up with  Backcountry Women for a day hike. I am super pumped to get on the trail this weekend and meet new people. Check out Backcountry Women on Instagram. 
  • Update on cheesecake: I ate 1.5 pieces out of the fridge when I got home. It was worth every point. 
  • I saw the word “pinot” on a sign while driving. I completely forgot how to pronouce it I sounded like a weirdo and my husband and I had a good laugh over my babbling of how to pronounce it.  I praised myself that I don’t think about alcohol that often anymore. Like another life. 
  • Yoga had been really nice lately. My practice has progressed into more mindfulness and is helping with my anxiety. A good stretch after the turkey dinner yesterday did me wonders too. 

Thanks for reading my random thoughts for the day. Feels good to just write. 

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