Saying Yes to Loving Myself

I made the decision three years ago to stop drinking alcohol. Valentine’s Day is my anniversary and I have gifted myself something each year. My gift this year is to create more opportunities that I can say yes to.

Removing alcohol and making my mental health a top priority has created space for me to thrive. I’m building a life that I am confident in and proud to be present in.

I recently read a quote by a fellow Backcountry Women member for Feature Friday that has inspired me, “fill your life so full of things that make you alive and you won’t have room for the rest.”

Surrounding myself with positive, uplifting women who have similar interests as me has been life changing. The outdoors community is close knit and supportive. I’m inspired by the stories of other women and I’m grateful to be part of the community.

The gift to myself for three years of sobriety is feeling alive and truly living out loud by saying yes to life.

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