Saying Yes to Loving Myself

I made the decision three years ago to stop drinking alcohol. Valentine's Day is my anniversary and I have gifted myself something each year. My gift this year is to create more opportunities that I can say yes to. Removing alcohol and making my mental health a top priority has created space for me to … Continue reading Saying Yes to Loving Myself

Standing in my own magnificence

I have done a lot of good work on my mental health over the last three years, which includes creating healthy boundaries. Prior to three years ago, I did not really recognize what boundaries were or how to establish them. I was a lot more impulsive back then and rode the waves of what came … Continue reading Standing in my own magnificence

Christmas and Sobriety

People in America are giving thanks and sharing what they are grateful for today. Black Friday is tomorrow and it will kick off the Christmas season. The season of parties, socializing, and booze. My first sober Christmas was stormy and fierce. I scheduled a check-in with my therapist to talk some of my thoughts out … Continue reading Christmas and Sobriety

Let’s talk about mental health and hiking

I have been occupied with working on a project that is an extension of my blog, which is why I have been quiet with posting. I am preparing to expand the community that my voice reaches by using my lived-experience with mental illness to speak at Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba as part of Women's … Continue reading Let’s talk about mental health and hiking

You have to go through those mountains and valleys – because that’s what life is: soul growth

I have learned to honour the emotions that pulse through me and to give myself what I need when I need it. My mental health is a top priority of mine and I have created a life free from alcohol that was built little by little with each personal milestone. I truthfully spend a lot … Continue reading You have to go through those mountains and valleys – because that’s what life is: soul growth

Beyond the Black

This is the second last video in my solo Mantario series. This video is by far the most important. Thank you in advance for watching and listening. If you share only one of my videos with your friends and family, I want it to be episode 8. The trail transforms those who are open to … Continue reading Beyond the Black

Keep talking about mental health

I went shopping this evening for a few things for my upcoming Appalachian Trail hike. I will have more on that in another post though. I have something important that I need to write about. I bumped into someone I haven't seen in a couple of years and our conversation led to what I was … Continue reading Keep talking about mental health

She shoots, she scores: hanging out where the booze flows

Last night I went to the Winnipeg Jets Whiteout party downtown. I am sort of a hockey fan but not really. I get excited when other people are excited and I like to take part in festivals and street parties around our city. I care if the Jets win, but not really. I spent $22 … Continue reading She shoots, she scores: hanging out where the booze flows