When things don’t go well with group hiking

I read a blog post written by someone who had been left alone on a hiking trip during a lightning storm. It struck a cord with me and I could feel the fear that the writer was experiencing. She was hiking with a group to summit Mount Whitney, which towers 14,494 feet above sea level. … Continue reading When things don’t go well with group hiking

Wonder Woman on the Trail

I made a number of videos on Mantario as a way to occupy myself. I am still learning how to edit videos so some of what I talk about in this video are pick ups from conversations I had with myself in previous videos that I am not posting. I may practice splicing some of … Continue reading Wonder Woman on the Trail

Hiking, Blessings, and Loving Everyday 

I drove a route this weekend by myself that I have a strong connection to. In my parents car and later by Greyhound bus, I memorized roads and landmarks along the way, many of which have not changed. I later rode shotgun with my husband to Riding Mountain National Park after the days of the … Continue reading Hiking, Blessings, and Loving Everyday¬†