Conquering 2018

My New Years Resolutions the last couple of years have been focused around fun, slowing things down, and enjoying life in a calm and quite way. The goals have been about getting in touch with myself and continuing to evolve into an even more awesome version of myself. For my overall mental health and wellness, … Continue reading Conquering 2018

Rewarding my Sobriety

February 14th, 2016 is the day that I decided to love myself more than I ever had before. In less than a month I will celebrate two years of sobriety. As I write this, I know with confidence that I will reach two years but I also know that sobriety is rented daily and nothing … Continue reading Rewarding my Sobriety

Be the Leader of the Back of the Pack 

I am a member of numerous hiking and camping groups on Facebook and a topic that I have seen a number of times is from slow hikers and how they feel on group hikes. I am a confident back of the pack hiker and I immediately support and defend those who are feeling embarrassed, sad, … Continue reading Be the Leader of the Back of the Pack 

3 Recurring Dreams and My Sleeping Bag

I have had a recurring dream three times recently. I usually remember my dreams when I wake up and sometimes I will jot down some points.  Dreams are entertaining and I find a sense of comfort in the stories of my imagination while I sleep. My dreams tend to be quite vivid and action packed. … Continue reading 3 Recurring Dreams and My Sleeping Bag

Camping Gear Round Up

I spent time over the weekend sorting through my camping gear to prepare for a final overnight trip of 2017. Fall camping is a new experience for me and one that I am eager to try. All of my gear is three season so the window for camping comfortably is quickly closing. The group I … Continue reading Camping Gear Round Up

A Taste for Sobriety 

There is no mental health manual that lists out the milestones that we are supposed to celebrate. Every journey is different and each one of us sees achievements in a different way. Right now I want to celebrate that I am comfortable being around alcohol without any desire for it. I kissed my husband on … Continue reading A Taste for Sobriety 

Random Thoughts for the Day

I have writers block lately. I want to write but can't seem to get the words to be the way I want them to be. So instead, here are some random thoughts I have had going through my head today: The pumpkin cheesecake in the fridge. It's a special cheesecake that I make for Thanksgiving … Continue reading Random Thoughts for the Day

Depression Will Not Win

This summer I visited two places that brought back a flood of memories from my youth, Ominik Marsh in Riding Mountain National Park and Epinette Creek Trials in Spruce Woods Provincial Park. I was fourteen years old when hiked Epinette and spent the night in the backcountry with Sea Cadets. I learned a lot of … Continue reading Depression Will Not Win

Grizzly Does Hot Yoga

Yoga is a good place for me to be. "It is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on the way down."  I don't know who to credit that quote too but it is one that I have built my practice around. I have a dedicated quiet space in my home … Continue reading Grizzly Does Hot Yoga