3 Recurring Dreams and My Sleeping Bag

I have had a recurring dream three times recently. I usually remember my dreams when I wake up and sometimes I will jot down some points.  Dreams are entertaining and I find a sense of comfort in the stories of my imagination while I sleep. My dreams tend to be quite vivid and action packed.

The recurring dream takes place on a hiking trail. I am not certain of where. I’m at various stages on the trail including the trail head and at camp. In each of the three dreams I realize that it is winter and I am unprepared with my sleeping bag. I only have my 0 degrees sleeping bag with me.

In my dream I am not worried and there is no sense of panic. I think or say to myself: I should have known better. Why did you do this? How are you going to fix this? I have woken up each time before I decide what to do.

Now in reality I wouldn’t make the mistake of taking a sleeping bag that is rated to 0 degrees on a hike in the winter. The end of October is my limit.  Winter camping would be cool to explore and we have a -20 sleeping bag if the opportunity comes up.

So now I am left to think, what does my dream mean? I am slowly preparing for 10 days on the Appalachian Trail. This will be my longest and most challenging hike to date. Maybe my mind is telling me to triple check all of my gear and supplies and to ensure my choices are smart and informed.

These are some of the items that I am bringing:

Kelty Salida Two Person Tent or as I call it Kelty Salida 1 Human and 1 Large Dog Tent. We have the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 as our family hiking tent and the set up is nearly identical to the Salida. The Salida is a two minute set up, durable, and right in my comfort zone with having experience with the Grand Mesa 4.

On a side note with Kelty, I am becoming quite the fan of their products the more I use mine, seeing what others think with reading reviews, and following their posts on social media. I like looking at and buying new camping and hiking gear. It has become my new splurge. I am kind of in the market for a larger pack and I will likely explore Kelty as one of the main options when the time comes to buy. Their gear is “innovative, uncomplicated and built to last” and the prices are budget-friendly.

Stock photo of Salida 2. Look how cozy and comfortable that is!

Hotcore Roma 100 Sleeping Bag

Cabela’s Instinct Insulated Sleeping Pad (shhhh, it’s a Christmas gift for me that I did not see in the closet) This sleeping pad is a popular choice with hunters. At 2 pounds, it is heavier than other sleeping pads but I trust that it will perform well.

MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove

Boiling water to make soup on the trail a few weeks ago.

MSR SweetWater® Microfilter

I am confident with my sleeping and cooking set up for the middle of July. Additional items will include rain gear, first aid kit, toiletries, compass, eating utensils, GPS, food, clothes, trekking poles, camp shoes, and my Kindle and a journal. I have a planning document complete with a detailed checklist. I am certain that I am not going to make a grave mistake like packing a 0 degrees sleeping bag to go winter camping with. I will run my packing list through multiple people too.

I like that I am having a recurring dream about being unprepared on a trail and in the dream, I am calm and collected. I hope there is a continuation from the camp scene. I want to know what I chose to do to stay warm over night. My arms and mind are wide open to learning and growing.

P.S Build a nice fire, heat a rock and put it in my sleeping bag, layer up, and hightail it out of there at dawn back to my car. Drive to nearest place that sells pancakes and eat a big breakfast and drink lots of coffee. I wonder what else my subconscious knows that I don’t yet realize.  

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