Trusting Ourselves

My daughter and I are cut from the same cloth and sometimes it creates challenges because we are both relentless, independent, and strong-willed. We are also both kindhearted, loving, and charismatic so overall, we are well-rounded and awesome. Our strong personalities sometimes get the best of us. It's not something I am proud of and … Continue reading Trusting Ourselves

Feed me on the trail: overnight hike with my family

My family and I hiked overnight to Tilson Lake in Riding Mountain National Park on June 22. We hiked a total of 16 km as part of a 38 km loop. Tilson Lake is on the west side of the park and is rated as difficult. I will most definitely return to this trail and … Continue reading Feed me on the trail: overnight hike with my family

Wisdom from a duck

Mother's Day was this past weekend and memories on Facebook reminded me that seven years ago I was making eggplant "meatballs" with my then-2 year old daughter. Facebook does not show the memories that came later that evening when six first-responders showed up in my home and I was taken to the hospital due to … Continue reading Wisdom from a duck

Our First “Real” Overnight of the Season

I have the word "real" in quotations because aside from sleeping in my backyard a few weekends ago, Friday night was the first overnight hike of the season. The overnight low hovered around 5°C. My daughter and I have camped in November but this past weekend has been our earliest. I was just itching to … Continue reading Our First “Real” Overnight of the Season

Swinging Ice Axes

I am a member of Backcountry Women, an incredible group of women who explore the outdoors together and get up close and personal with the elements. We share experiences and knowledge to learn from one another in an environment that is supportive and non-competitive. The group encourages women to try new activities and forge new … Continue reading Swinging Ice Axes

Saying Yes to Loving Myself

I made the decision three years ago to stop drinking alcohol. Valentine's Day is my anniversary and I have gifted myself something each year. My gift this year is to create more opportunities that I can say yes to. Removing alcohol and making my mental health a top priority has created space for me to … Continue reading Saying Yes to Loving Myself

2019 Hiking and Wellness Goals

2019 is kicking off with a focus on health, wellness, and building my physical strength.  To keep myself physically active through the remainder of the winter, I am signed up for two fitness classes outside of the 1-2 times a week that I go to the gym and work on incline training. In January and … Continue reading 2019 Hiking and Wellness Goals

Exploring Nature’s Jungle Gym

Bear Hug woke me up just before ten on Saturday morning to let me know he had made coffee. I felt a combination of rested yet still not feeling well. Our original plan for the weekend was to hike and camp as a family on Epinette Trail in Spruce Woods Provincial Park but my body … Continue reading Exploring Nature’s Jungle Gym

Family Fun Weekend

"Mommy, why are you laying down to put on your pants?" I look at my daughter and respond that I am in a tent and that it is the only way to get dressed. Then I remember that we are in our family tent and my 6' tall husband can easily stand up in it. … Continue reading Family Fun Weekend

Harnessing the power of the sunshine

Over one year ago I created Backpack Chronicles and in that time, I have worked on a lot of self-development, organized and participated in group hiking and camping events, and went on a number of solo day hikes by myself. This blog serves as a place of focus, where I can write about managing my … Continue reading Harnessing the power of the sunshine