2019 Hiking and Wellness Goals

2019 is kicking off with a focus on health, wellness, and building my physical strength.  To keep myself physically active through the remainder of the winter, I am signed up for two fitness classes outside of the 1-2 times a week that I go to the gym and work on incline training.

In January and February, I will participate in TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) cross fit and in February and March, I will take a power lifting class. Both of these classes are brand new territory for me and I am looking quite forward to the experiences.

In addition to physical activity, I also want to reduce the amount of disposable plastic that I use while in the outdoors. When I day hike, I carry reusable containers and will wash any dirty dishes when I get home but I absolutely hate doing dishes while hiking. I would much rather eat out of a bag, put the dirty bag in with my scented items and secure them so they are bear-safe, and then climb into my hammock or tent and spend the rest of the evening reading. I have no problems at all with washing dishes while base camping but the last thing I want to do after hiking all day is scrub a pot.

I ordered a Stasher Reusable Bag for rehydrating meals. These bags are made out of silicone and are BPA and BPS free. The bags have an airtight seal and can be put in the freezer as well as submerged into boiling water. Stay tuned for a full review once I put the bag to the test.

Looking further into 2019, I would like to solo hike overnight again. I hiked overnight by myself to Caribou West on Mantario last year and everything about the adventure was good. I am well-aware about different risks on the trail and not all trips will go as planned. Part of my contingency plan will be to have a satellite communicator with me. Solo hiking is my cup of tea!

I have asked my husband for a Garmin inReach for my birthday, which is coincidentally at the end of May when overnight hiking starts up for me. The unit will give me further peace of mind when I am by myself on the trail. I am still not sure which model I want between the Mini, Explorer+, or the SE+. I still have some research to do.

I live and breathe hiking! Something that I did last year that worked very well for me was plotting days and weekends on my calendar that are devoted to day hiking, overnight hiking, and base camping. I have gone ahead and done that again for 2019. The intent is that other engagements will be planned around my time on the trail and doing this ensures that hiking remains a priority for me.

Yes, it may be a bit weird to have “day hike” plotted on my calendar for a random Sunday that is eight months from now but unless I make time for what is important to me, other activities will take precedent. Obviously, there will be flexibility when something comes up that is of importance to me too but the trail is a priority whether I am with my family, solo, or with friends.

Wishing you all the best for 2019! Be kind.

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