My dogs and mental health

Today I attended the Winnipeg March for Mental Health and brought along by dog Asha. I usually don’t take her to large gatherings because of her high energy. She’s three and a half years old and still has a lot of puppy energy. At 100 pounds it takes a lot of physical strength to control her in a crowd, especially at a park where there are other dogs, geese, and ducks. We saw a cat on a picnic blanket too.

She spent the morning at the groomers and puppy day care and burned a lot of energy. I am so glad I decided to bring her to the event. She attracts a lot of attention when we are out together and people are drawn to her. She stands patiently while people run their hands over her fur, look into her eyes and talk to her, and ask me questions about her.

At a gathering focused on mental health, a cause where so many people rely on animals for therapy and comfort, it made me so happy to see people happy to meet my dog. The smiles on their faces spoke louder than any of the words they said.

I have two dogs who have different personalities and each gives me what I need when I need it. Asha is playful and high energy. She is the perfect companion on a hiking trail. Arya is reserved and likes to lay in the sun. She’s great to cuddle with on a campsite.

Arya and Asha are part of my support system and I love them to pieces.

Asha and I at the Winnipeg March for Mental Health
Arya and I snuggling while I was writing on my laptop

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