Dear Santa: I’ve Been Kind of Good

I have racked my brain trying to remember what Christmas was like after the age of about fourteen and the truth is that I cannot remember. I was more than likely in a black-out drunk state for the entire month of December, year after year. The month of December has typically involved a month-long mental … Continue reading Dear Santa: I’ve Been Kind of Good

What the Season Means (or Does Not Mean) for Me

My mental health does not take a holiday over the Christmas season and in fact, it gets worse. My dad died in November when I was nine years old and even though that was many years ago, the experience was formative with how I view the Christmas season. I have a strong love hate relationship … Continue reading What the Season Means (or Does Not Mean) for Me

Where are you Christmas? 

Hate, despise, loathing, and dislike are all strong words but that is truly how I felt about Christmas for many years. I was 9 years old when my dad died in November and Christmas was very different that year. A mountain of presents flowed out from under our Christmas tree, more than I had ever … Continue reading Where are you Christmas?