Wild Child

Deep in the forest off the trail, so lush and enchanted
Mind, body, and soul searching to be restored
Ambition for transformative wishes to be granted
A wild woman wields her sword

Stripped it all away in complicated solitude
Moving barefoot over the rock, her entire being strived for stability
Floating on top of the invigorating cold water in the nude
Her entire being searching for a piece of smooth tranquility

There in the stillness of her body in the calm water
Breaths were slow, deep, and relaxed amid the playful fountain of youth
Mind flowed to all the times that she sought her
Wrapped in the elements is where she found her truth

Laying still with Mother Nature, her wild child was awaken
Moving slowly on the land exploring inwardly gave rise to her recovery
She knows that she is safe and it is okay to sometimes feel a little shaken
The once wild child meeting her now wild woman has led to beautiful self-discovery

By Christina Hiebert

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