Your Soul Whispered To You

With the weight of feeling the mistreat
And forced to be alone
You were thrown out to the street
Where there lurked every unknown

His body lay stiff in the box made of pine
You prayed that he would blink
Scared to touch the pocket on his suit coat
To place inside a parting goodbye note
Wrote with tears filled of ink
Grief became your new baseline

The reflection in the mirror that stood against the kicked in holes
She tried to use her hands to compress a beat back into his heart
You witnessed a man die and felt free from his controls
You saw tears fall but gave thanks for seperating you apart

With his body tired and ready to meet his Lord
The flag draped the casket embossed with golden wheat
You sang hymns and triumphant spirits were restored
You felt comfort in hearing the Fathers words repeat

With three men now dead
Life forever changed
The world was dark as you tried to look ahead
Your mind came unhinged and you felt deranged

With wild angels steady at your side
You fell to your knees feeling lost and broken
You learned to hold your head up and walk with pride
Your story not afraid to be spoken

Your soul whispered to you
Survival on the street taught survival of the mind
Nothing in this life has a guarantee
It’s your life to be designed

It’s time to release the chain
It’s a lifetime ago that held you down
You are now free from the pain
You can wear your well-earned crown

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