Appalachian Trail: Sleepy Day (day 4)

Our hiking group today went from four active hikers to two. After waking early and making us coffee, Joslyn drove us all to Washington State Monument. From there, I continued north with my friend while the other two shuttled back to Dahlgren campsite to spend two days, shuttling in and out to local tourists spots. … Continue reading Appalachian Trail: Sleepy Day (day 4)

Appalachian Trail: Above and Beyond Trail Angel (day 3)

I awoke in the morning to see a text from my friend saying that she needed a day off the trail to rest and start antibiotics. We were welcome to stay with Karen and her family. Hitch hiking was one thing but I felt more vulnerable being in someone's house. I will walk into the … Continue reading Appalachian Trail: Above and Beyond Trail Angel (day 3)

Appalachian Trail: Humidity and Hospital (day 2)

The heat and humidity today was higher than yesterday. Our original plan was to wake early and hike early but with the late arrival to camp last night, we decided to sleep in. Keeping morale high was a priority and no one is at their best when sleep deprived. The "green tunnel" became more sparse … Continue reading Appalachian Trail: Humidity and Hospital (day 2)

Appalachian Trail: Harper’s Ferry and Bear Poles (day one)

We started off with a walk through Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. The town is rich with civil war history and I felt like I was in a museum instead of a real place where people live, work, and play.Upon leaving Harper's Ferry, we followed a nature trail out of town and saw countless cyclists out … Continue reading Appalachian Trail: Harper’s Ferry and Bear Poles (day one)

This is just the beginning

The Appalachian Trail awaits my footsteps. I will begin my longest and most challenging hike in just two weeks. When I come face to face with difficulty on the trail, I will remember to give myself grace. I know I will feel sore, my feet will blister, and my legs will scream as I climb … Continue reading This is just the beginning

Wonder Woman on the Trail

I made a number of videos on Mantario as a way to occupy myself. I am still learning how to edit videos so some of what I talk about in this video are pick ups from conversations I had with myself in previous videos that I am not posting. I may practice splicing some of … Continue reading Wonder Woman on the Trail

Being Free while Solo Hiking

I arrived to Caribou Lake on Mantario around 2:30 in the afternoon and after setting up my tent and having dinner, I crawled into my tent to close my eyes for a few minutes. I tried laying on different rocks but like Goldilocks, I couldn't get comfortable. I emerged from my tent an hour or … Continue reading Being Free while Solo Hiking

Choose Love

I came to a cross roads on Mantario trail and I didn't know which way to go. Episode two of my solo Mantario adventure explains why I chose the route I did. As I continued on my way to the campsite, I saw repeated arrows guideding me. I was confident I was going to reach … Continue reading Choose Love

Soulful Solo Hike

I ventured into the wide open wilderness on Mantario trail. Mantario is boasted as one of the most challenging trails in Manitoba and winds through constant ups and downs over granite rock, boggy forests, dense bushes, fallen trees, and creek crossings. My confidence was strong and I felt courageous, brave, and capable. I was motivated … Continue reading Soulful Solo Hike

Trekking my own path to success

I have had a little bit of writers block lately. I have put together bits and pieces of ideas that I just haven't been able to turn into a full-length blog post. So, here is a little snipit of what I have been up to lately in the outdoors, keeping a focus on the good … Continue reading Trekking my own path to success