Choose Love

I came to a cross roads on Mantario trail and I didn’t know which way to go. Episode two of my solo Mantario adventure explains why I chose the route I did.

As I continued on my way to the campsite, I saw repeated arrows guideding me. I was confident I was going to reach my destination but I could not help but wonder what lied beyond the other arrow. I later thought that one of the arrows could have been placed as a detour due to spring flooding in past years.

2 thoughts on “Choose Love

  1. Glad to see you made it! I found the talking to yourself comment to be funny, since I do this all the time whether I’m solo or not.

    Here’s something that might help for next time if you weren’t doing it already:

    Sing! Sing to yourself on the trail. Sing out loud. No one cares and if they do, they probably aren’t backpacking. I’ll sing about anything and everything, making up my own songs for whatever I’m currently facing. Cobwebs? Check. Mud? Check. Mosquitos? Well, angry singing!

    Looks like you were having fun at your destination, that’s all that matters!


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