Soulful Solo Hike

I ventured into the wide open wilderness on Mantario trail. Mantario is boasted as one of the most challenging trails in Manitoba and winds through constant ups and downs over granite rock, boggy forests, dense bushes, fallen trees, and creek crossings.

My confidence was strong and I felt courageous, brave, and capable. I was motivated and determined to complete my goal, even if I had to crawl out on my hands and knees. I was going to solo hike on Mantario, spend the night, and hike back. All by myself.

I honoured my body and mind every step of the way and gave myself exactly what I needed when I needed it. I rested when I needed, ate when I wanted, and moved at a pace that was in-tune with the capabilities of my body. I sauntered at a solid, steady pace. The solitude soothed my soul and I enjoyed it immensely. Hiking solo has given me a renewed appreciation and love for myself. It is amazing what our mind and bodies are capable of.

I made a number of videos along the way that I will compile into separate posts with some added after thoughts. For now, I leave you with a few of my favourite photos as a glimpse into my breathtaking and spectacular accomplishment. My heart feels full after taking in the raw and untamed back country of Manitoba…ALL BY MYSELF!

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