This is just the beginning

The Appalachian Trail awaits my footsteps. I will begin my longest and most challenging hike in just two weeks.

When I come face to face with difficulty on the trail, I will remember to give myself grace. I know I will feel sore, my feet will blister, and my legs will scream as I climb and descend on the mountain range. Grace will lead to a sense of accomplishment with each step I take.

I was asked a little while ago what I will do if I cannot reach my destination on time. I am on somewhat of a tight time frame with vacation time away from work. My answer to them was, “focus on the journey and not the destination.” Yes, I am well-aware of the physical task I have in front of me, each and every day as I push my body beyond what I believe it is capable of.

Uber services trail head parking lots along the section of the AT I am hiking. I have blown money on far more frivolous things than transportation on an epic adventure so if needed, I will have Uber pick me up and we will hightail it to the airport for me to catch my flight.

I am confident that mind over body will prevail. My passion for what I am doing is ignited brighter than it has ever been. Accomplishing a solo overnight hike on Mantario has the flame within burning with warmth and light like a campfire.

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