More Than Just a Pack 

Each step on the trail is about hope, healing, and direction. Hope for my mental health, healing from what the past put in my path, and the direction I want for my future.

My daughter took me shopping for my Mother’s Day gift and let me play with it a few days early.

This pack is so much more than just a pack that will carry three days worth of supplies. It’s a pack that will hold confidence, courage, determination, and resilience. I will unleash motivation to climb just a bit higher and push myself a little bit further each time I step onto the trail.

Cabela’s Women’s 45L Endicott with built in whistle on the chest strap

I am eager to go with my family into the back country and venture to a new place where we have not yet stepped. Hiking and camping with my family has created epic journeys full of amazing memories. These journeys strengthen our weaknesses and build our strengths.

We each bring something to the trail and learn from one another. My husband has more experience and I trust his guidance. Our daughter is a reminder that taking it slow and admiring our surroundings deserves attention. It is not just about the destination. I bring a cheerful attitude that keeps morale up. I truly want everyone to enjoy themselves as much as I do.

Asha, my Akita brings her alertness and fierce protectivness. She was born with adventure in her soul and loves hiking. Arya, my Shiba Inu tolerates being outside and in places she would otherwise actively avoid. Arya is a good reminder for all of us to step outside of our comfort zones now and again and just go with the flow.

Cheers to the start of hiking and camping season!

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