Appalachian Trail: Missing Life Back Home (day 5)

I had a dream overnight where I was wondering the halls at my old junior high. I was fuming for some unknown reason. Being upset was a regular feeling during my teenage years. I opened a door to a classroom and when I walked in, my current co-workers were sitting around watching soccer on the … Continue reading Appalachian Trail: Missing Life Back Home (day 5)

Appalachian Trail: Above and Beyond Trail Angel (day 3)

I awoke in the morning to see a text from my friend saying that she needed a day off the trail to rest and start antibiotics. We were welcome to stay with Karen and her family. Hitch hiking was one thing but I felt more vulnerable being in someone's house. I will walk into the … Continue reading Appalachian Trail: Above and Beyond Trail Angel (day 3)

Appalachian Trail: Humidity and Hospital (day 2)

The heat and humidity today was higher than yesterday. Our original plan was to wake early and hike early but with the late arrival to camp last night, we decided to sleep in. Keeping morale high was a priority and no one is at their best when sleep deprived. The "green tunnel" became more sparse … Continue reading Appalachian Trail: Humidity and Hospital (day 2)

May the search through nature lead you to yourself

The mini mountains that cover half of Canada is officially known as the Canadian Shield and it is at my grasp a mere one and a half hours away from where I live. The Canadian Shield once had jagged peaks, as high as mountains, but millions of years of erosion have changed the mountains into … Continue reading May the search through nature lead you to yourself

This is just the beginning

The Appalachian Trail awaits my footsteps. I will begin my longest and most challenging hike in just two weeks. When I come face to face with difficulty on the trail, I will remember to give myself grace. I know I will feel sore, my feet will blister, and my legs will scream as I climb … Continue reading This is just the beginning

Beyond the Black

This is the second last video in my solo Mantario series. This video is by far the most important. Thank you in advance for watching and listening. If you share only one of my videos with your friends and family, I want it to be episode 8. The trail transforms those who are open to … Continue reading Beyond the Black

The Strength Within

I have two videos of my Mantario solo adventure to share with you today. The hidden strength that lied beneath my surface filled me with astonishment. You will see that I am huffing and puffing as I climb a hill in episode six, stopping to not only take in the view but to give my … Continue reading The Strength Within

Wonder Woman on the Trail

I made a number of videos on Mantario as a way to occupy myself. I am still learning how to edit videos so some of what I talk about in this video are pick ups from conversations I had with myself in previous videos that I am not posting. I may practice splicing some of … Continue reading Wonder Woman on the Trail

Being Free while Solo Hiking

I arrived to Caribou Lake on Mantario around 2:30 in the afternoon and after setting up my tent and having dinner, I crawled into my tent to close my eyes for a few minutes. I tried laying on different rocks but like Goldilocks, I couldn't get comfortable. I emerged from my tent an hour or … Continue reading Being Free while Solo Hiking