The Strength Within

I have two videos of my Mantario solo adventure to share with you today. The hidden strength that lied beneath my surface filled me with astonishment.

You will see that I am huffing and puffing as I climb a hill in episode six, stopping to not only take in the view but to give my body what it needed for rest. Honouring my body in its’ present moment is one of the gifts that I got from Mantario. In my yoga practice, I have learned to center myself and lean into what my body is telling me. Mantario gave me the opportunity to take the mindfulness from my yoga practice and apply it to a much more physical activity.

I was originally supposed to have a friend join me for the weekend but she was not able to come. I sincerely missed having her with me. I very much enjoy her company and presence. Like me, she saunters through the woods at a solid and steady pace with a destination on her mind but relishes the moments in between, stopping to literally smell the flowers. We are now talking about taking a two-night trip this fall on Mantario. I hope she can join me otherwise I will have to go by myself again. Which I would do again in a heartbeat. But seriously, I hope she can come.

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