Let’s talk about mental health and hiking

I have been occupied with working on a project that is an extension of my blog, which is why I have been quiet with posting. I am preparing to expand the community that my voice reaches by using my lived-experience with mental illness to speak at Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba as part of Women’s Programing.

I have been working diligently on my presentation that journeys into the innocence of my childhood and will transport listeners through different stages of my life. I will talk about how mental illness has affected me. I am eager to share my stories of recovery and how I have been able to use hiking and backpacking to heal.

The topics are sensitive in nature and will be about depression, anxiety, and sobriety and while I hope to have an engaging conversation, I understand if people may not want to talk.

I will talk about some of the trails I have hiked and my experiences on them but will not touch on technical information like gear except for where it may make sense. I hike first and foremost for my mental health and that is where the conversation will flow.

If you or another woman you know are interested in mental wellness, I encourage you to join me at Backpack Chronicles: The path to sobriety and mental wellness through nature. It is on Thursday, November 8th at 7pm. There is no cost to attend and in a couple of days, MDAM will create a Facebook event to help spread the word and gauge attendance.

Be well!

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