A trail food chat

I am preparing and planning for my family to hike overnight this weekend. This will be my third overnight since Easter weekend and the second trip for my husband (Bear Hug) and daughter (Blue Jay.) Our gear is fairly organized and ready to be packed.

I am a little type-A when it comes to my (our) hiking and camping gear. I am the one who puts the gear away because I like it organized in a certain way. I tend to take the reins and bring the gear out for everyone to pack in their bags. Plus, I am able to check items off on my check list as I bring them out.

Beyond the gear going into our backpacks, here are the three things that I am focusing on with planning:

  • Remaining flexible with our plans
  • Embracing the journey to the destination
  • Keeping Blue Jay fed and hydrated

Staying flexible

I am keeping an eye on the weather leading up to the weekend. The region of our first choice is calling for a lot of rain so we have a back up plan plus a back up plan for the back up plan. I personally don’t mind hiking in the rain and Bear Hug would reluctantly do it if he had to. As much as Blue Jay loves to play in the rain, I think the “fun” of hiking in the rain all day would not last long, especially with spending the night in a tent.

We will make our final decision on Saturday morning.

The journey

The journey begins with returning to the innocence of childhood and having fun. This trip is about spending quality time with my family and doing a really awesome activity together. It is about teaching my daughter skills and us learning from her too. Kids see the world in a different way than adults do and it is fascinating to immerse myself in her experience.

Fed and hydrated

Blue Jay and I made a video with some of her food choices for the trail. Stay tuned for a full post all about our food.

On a side note about the video, I used the rear camera instead of the front facing camera (oops!) The quality of video is not crisp. Lesson learned.

Thank you for reading and watching!

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