Hiker Grossness on Mantario

I woke up on Monday morning and I swear I still smelled like bush with lingering bug spray, sweat, and snot. I scrubbed myself again and straightened my hair, proudly leaving for the day with a bounce in my step. I can only imagine how I am going to smell when I hike an intense trail for 10 days with only one opportunity to shower before reaching the hotel where I will stay for one night before flying home.

In the video with today’s post, I also talk about making calculated decisions on where I put my feet. It was fascinating for me to realize the way my brain and feet worked together. I believe calculated also means I was aware of my surroundings. I found myself often thinking, what would happen if I placed my foot “there” instead of “here” and vice versa. Being alone with just my thoughts and no distractions created space for observation of mind and body.

The videos I am posting in my Mantario to Caribou Lake west series are in order of my amazing and fulfilling solo accomplishment.

PS: I realize that the video is upside down in some places. I did the best I could with the basic editing skills that I have. I have been slowly learning video editing with a basic free program I downloaded.

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