Sharing my Passion for Hiking and Camping

My family and I have hiked and cycled to Lake Kinosao in Riding Mountain National Park countless times. We usually spend a few hours at the lake and have a meal. Last year after a stop for lunch, we carried on to Cowan Lake for our first overnight hike as a family.

The most important part about Lake Kinosao for me is this is where Darcy proposed to me. Among countless other things, I found someone to share my love of hiking and camping with!

October 2009 on Lake Kinosao trail. We’re engaged!!

On September 25th Darcy and I will celebrate seven years if wedded bliss. My family hiked to Lake Kinosao on Sunday to reminisce a happy memory. Our daughter loves coming to the spot where daddy asked mommy to marry him. She is giddy and overjoyed and loves to hear the story.

Almost eight years to the day after we got engaged

I take a lot of pride in passing down my fondness of the outdoors to Calista and watching her bloom with each new experience we have together. She knows the team work needed to set up a campsite, wants to carry her own pack (often with a fishing rod), can hike a good distance with ease, and loves to talk about what she sees around us and asks a lot of questions.

Hiking when she was a year old on the cold Canadian prairies
More cold Canadian Prairie hiking. Two year old legs get tired easily
Pitching our tent 
Hiking in the Whiteshell. We clearly love winter.
Camping in Lake Louise, Alberta 
Our first family back country trip to Cowan Lake in Riding Mountain National Park when she was six years old
Hiking at Pine Point Rapids in the Whiteshell this summer
Hiking on Brule Trail in Riding Mountain National Park on Sunday 

I very much enjoy being on the trail by myself but there is something really special about sharing my passion with people who want to come along, especially my family and friends. I will soon begin volunteering as a Girl Guides Unit Assistant and naturally my hiking and camping skills are a perfect fit. I am looking forward to having a larger and eager audience to teach skills to.

I run a Facebook group called Manitoba Muddy Girls: for the Love of the Outdoors that has connected people who share an interest in the outdoors. I have attended Becoming an Outdoors Woman retreats and workshops, which is where the idea for my Facebook page came from. The support of being around woman who all have different skill levels and wanting to teach and learn is really empowering. I created Muddy Girls with empowerment and support in mind.

Thank you to the readers of this blog. This is not only an avenue for me to advocate for mental health, it gives me a spot to talk about the outdoors too. The outdoors is a place that heals, lifts me up, challenges me, and where I feel at home.

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