Hiking, Blessings, and Loving Everyday 

I drove a route this weekend by myself that I have a strong connection to. In my parents car and later by Greyhound bus, I memorized roads and landmarks along the way, many of which have not changed. I later rode shotgun with my husband to Riding Mountain National Park after the days of the Greyhound bus. Further north west from the park, along the route, is my grandparents farm.

I attended Dauphin’s Country Fest to meet and greet Luke Bryan and see him in concert for the fourth time. I’m kind of a huge fan! He sang new and old and did Mountain Music by Alabama cover proud. My favorite line from Mountain Music is “Oh play me some mountain music, like Grandma and Grandpa used to play.”

Country music is in my soul – so many of the stories speak to me. I especially love prime country and listen to mostly older songs and artists who have been around for a while. I’m selective with new country music and who I like and their sounds and lyrics.

I met Luke Bryan!! No cell phone photos allowed but we can contact the festival for the professional photos that were taken

I was on the road early this morning so I could spend time in Wasagaming in Riding Mountain National Park. My mission was to find a good cup of coffee, cinnamon buns, and take a short hike. I arrived in town at 6:30 am and only a few joggers and walkers were out. The air was crisp, the birds sang, and the sun was still waking up. With restaurants not open in town yet, I took a stroll along the marina on Clear Lake. I absolutely love this area and Wasagaming is rooted in many aspects of my life.

The baking and meals are homey and delicious at Whitehouse Bakery and Restaurant. Doors open at 8am daily and people line up for take out starting at 7:45, with the line remaining constant throughout the day. The line moves quickly and shelves of baking are replaced consistently throughout the day.

Waiting in line. I was number six before the doors opened and about twenty people behind me.
Mission accomplished – maple, original, and cream cheese cinnamon buns

I guzzled a cup of coffee and headed out to Ominnik Marsh. The trailhead is located right on the edge of town. At 1.9 kilometers I spent over an hour on the boardwalk, just simply letting my mind wonder free without any cares in the world. Frogs, ducks, and birds sang me the song of their home.


I used this opportunity while walking to really count my blessings. I sat down on benches and closed my eyes and focused on gratitude, giving thanks for everything I have. I remained very in the present, not thinking of the past or wondering about the future. Just gratitude for the here and now.

With the solitude I practiced yoga and focused on my breath, pushing my body a bit further into every stretch. I don’t make time to do daily yoga but it is important to me so when I have an opportunity in nature and I am alone, I like to practice. No mat required. Just my barefeet and wooden planks.

I remember coming to this marsh when I was a child, about seven years old. The water was higher and the boardwalk sank and our feet got wet. I remember it all being a blast. This place is perfect for kids and families to enjoy.

Feeling strong mentally, a little tuckered out physically from the drive and the music festival, but more importantly, the weekend has been therapeutic for me and I feel refreshed.

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