End of 2020 Reflection

Welcome to the end of 2020. It will not be missed but it will surely be remembered. While looking through photos I took this year and reading journal entries, there were a lot of very good times sprinkled in among all the challenging times. In my current mindset, I would go as far to say … Continue reading End of 2020 Reflection

Goodbye Stress, Hello Sunshine 

Just as I predicted, the stress of the move to our new home has subsided. This morning I sat at my dining room table and sipped coffee and read the news, immersed in the abundance of natural light flowing into my home. Sunlight is pretty darn spectacular and I was blessed with it all weekend, … Continue reading Goodbye Stress, Hello Sunshine 

Adventure on the Trans Canada Trail 

I had the opportunity May Long Weekend to hike a very small portion of the Trans Canada Trail near Nutimik Lake in the Whiteshell. With fishing on our mind, we went to Sturgeon Falls instead of continuing along the Trans Canada Trail on Pine Point trail. The weather this past weekend was full of cold … Continue reading Adventure on the Trans Canada Trail