Goodbye Stress, Hello Sunshine 

Just as I predicted, the stress of the move to our new home has subsided. This morning I sat at my dining room table and sipped coffee and read the news, immersed in the abundance of natural light flowing into my home.

Sunlight is pretty darn spectacular and I was blessed with it all weekend, from sun up to sun down. Today the sun is peaking out beneath the clouds, a little over cast but I know the sun is there.

I rode my bike into work today. My commute is considerably shorter now, only taking 15-20 minutes to pedal my way here. I stopped once for a water break and to relax after coming off a busy road with semi-trucks whizzing by me. I cycled in the designated bike lane but it still felt like cars were too close to me. The white paint indicating the bike lane is worn off and faded. I wish Winnipeg did more to upkeep bike lanes, especially on really busy roads.

I’m quite proud of myself for cycling in and keeping a promise to myself. I am so glad that I can say goodbye to the stress I was feeling from the move and I am saying hello to the sunshine.

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