Adventure on the Trans Canada Trail 

I had the opportunity May Long Weekend to hike a very small portion of the Trans Canada Trail near Nutimik Lake in the Whiteshell.

Whiteshell River Bridge Trail

With fishing on our mind, we went to Sturgeon Falls instead of continuing along the Trans Canada Trail on Pine Point trail. The weather this past weekend was full of cold rain combined with a lot of ticks in the area so we chose only one out of the two hikes I wanted to do. Pine Point was the other hike. I have heard great things about how beautiful it is.

Which way to go?

We spent a couple of hours fishing and enjoying the scenery. The Whiteshell reminds me of mini mountains. Mini Mountains of Manitoba. Sturgeon Falls is a popular place with kayakers, boaters, and shore fisher-folk and even though there were a lot of people around it was still a really relaxing and tranquil place.

The Trans Canada Trail winds through urban settings and greenways, rural landscapes, wilderness trails, and waterways all across Canada. How fascinating!

A portion of the trail is close to where I live and continues to weave through Winnipeg. I hopped on my bike after work today and set out on an adventure.

The green line on the map below indicates the path that the Trans Canada Trail takes through the Wolseley neighborhood. I started at Omen’s Creek on the left side of the map and rode to Maryland Street. Much of the trail along the river is covered with flooding, which is to be expected this time of the year.

Lots of mud! Bike was stuck.

Stairway to the bottom of the Assiniboine River

I decided to make my way back to Oman’s Creek by crossing the Maryland Bridge and cycling along Wellington Crescent. Both Wolseley Avenue and Wellington Crescent were full of activity and people enjoying the beautiful weather.

Oman’s Creek. Word on the river is this spot is a hot fishing spot. The dude in the chair knows what’s up.
Back home after an amazing ride

The next part of the Trans Canada Trail in Winnipeg that I want to explore on my bike is North Point Douglas and into St. Boniface. Can’t wait!!

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