Appalachian Daydreams 

The Appalachian Trail has filled my mind this week with research and daydreams. I have an opportunity that I want to turn into a reality. A friend who I met through the hiking community mentioned to me that she is planning a 200 mile segment of the Appalachian Trail in the summer of 2018.


We were hiking together at Devil’s Punch Bowl in September and I have kept the thought of the A.T. in my mind since. The A.T. is one of those trails that people write memoirs about. I haven’t given serious thought to doing a thru-hike, even after reading and watching Wild. I recently read The Gratitude Diaries and chapter 10 is entitled Wonder Woman on the Appalachian Trail. I could totally hike a portion of the trail!

As the weeks have gone by since my hike in September and reading The Gratitude Diaries, I have become more and more excited with my research on the trail.  I mentioned to my husband that I thought hiking a portion of the A.T. would be a wicked awesome experience and he agreed. With his encouragement, the would-be-cool-thing has turned into a you-really-should-do-this-cool-thing.

My preliminary plan is to book two weeks off of work and spend 8-9 days on the trail between two A.T. communities (towns that the trail runs through or nearby). During my time on the trail I will hike approximately 71 miles (114 km).

My husband asked me what my training plan is and honestly the first thing that came to mind was when Barney ran the New York Marathon on How I Met Your Mother

No, no, I am not that silly to just start walking on the A.T like it is nothing. From now on when I am day hiking, I will carry the pack that I will have with me on the A.T.

Am I seriously going to do this? I’m about 95% sure that I am. My friend and I are getting together soon to start rolling ideas together. I have the gear, I have the skills, and I will be fine distance wise as long as I am realistic with my pace and abilities. The other 5% that is holding me back are the venomous snakes on the trail. Other than that, I am 95% gung-ho to go!

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