Conquered Mud Hero 2017

My muscles had a crazy workout yesterday that they rarely ever see. In the traditional sense I don’t really exercise. Some days I think I would like to but most days I don’t really think about exercise other than trying to get my steps in on Fitbit, a leisurely bike ride, and maybe a yoga practice. When I am active I like to be outside and doing something fun and different.

I have taken a liking to signing up for physical challenges. Last month I cycled 21 km in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association, yesterday I completed the 6 km Mud Hero race, and next month I am going to an all day yoga festival. I like to push myself beyond what I think I am capable of and I am the type of person that needs a structured event or class. Doing things on my own for physical activity is really hard.

6 KM of wicked awesome challenges

I’m built for endurance, not speed and I like to think I have good upper body strength. Trying to climb over a wall yesterday at Mud Hero may have suggested otherwise though. I have a huge bruise on my bicep to show for it. I like challenges that push me hard physically and mentally to a certain degree. I don’t give up too easily unless my common sense is telling me to move on.

There were two sets of walls along the course that we had to climb over. All the walls were taller than me at 5’0″. I literally ran straight into the shortest wall, SMACK, then jumped and tried to pull myself over. I clearly don’t climb over walls very often and I reminded myself of Mario running onto a brick before using the controller to jump. I ran into the walls at least ten times, trying to heave myself over.

I finally asked the girls behind me to help me over. “When I jump, push me over!” It worked! The team work during the race was incredible. It is definitely a positive and empowering environment. All along the course as people passed or met me at an obstacle, there was motivation and help.

Some of the obstacles made me quite nervous. I wouldn’t say that I have a fear of heights but they certainly aren’t my favorite. I enjoyed the obstacles that had me crawling down and dirty in mud, water, and sand rather than climbing giant, slippery structures. I skipped a couple climbing structures but the ones I did made me feel proud.

I skipped Kong after climbing three steps up. The distance between the steps was big and it was a lot to ask my body to do. I wasn’t looking forward to having to climb backwards down that thing either.
Ropes N Slopes
Ropes and Slopes was probably the most emotional one for me. Both sides looked identical. Looking down from the top was intense as I tried to figure out how to get down. I ended up sliding down on my hip while holding onto the rope. There was no way I was going to walk backwards and trust my arms to keep me from tumbling down.
Fenced In was my favourite. I was in a trench full of water and mud and had to pull myself on my back using a fence. The water made it easy to move along.
Backwards Bull Frog – I pulled myself uphill on my back while water was sprayed on me.
I made my way about half way on the Snakeline obstacle and fell right into the muddy water, face first. It was awesome.
The crazy tall and steep slide was awesome. I shot down with my adrenaline pumping and I screamed with intensity.

My daughter participated in the children’s obstacle course and I took the opportunity to jump into the mud pit with her and “swim” around. We are both signed up for Mud Hero 2018.

On the children’s course after soaking in the mud pit

I am thinking it might be a good idea to train for next year, especially with climbing over walls. I will make it my goal that no one will have to push my ass over and I will heave myself over all by myself. Maybe I will attempt the Kong too.

Mother Daughter Mud Hero’s! Muddy Girls Have More Fun!

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