The air in the morning 

Mornings are hard for me. I have a difficult time leaving the safety and comfort of my cocoon. The first thoughts that I usually have when I wake up are related to the previous days mental struggles, which in turn makes me feel anxious with the start of the new day.

I wish I didn’t start my day with negative thoughts. I only have so much control over my mind at literally the second I wake up. I need to talk myself up most mornings and sometimes I haven’t made it.

The easiest time for me to start my day without having to talk myself up is when I am camping. I pop up even if I feel groggy. I quietly leash the dogs and slip out of the tent into a space where my senses tingle with amazement.

I inhale the fresh air and the scent of trees, grass, and dirt. I walk my dogs and listen to the songs of the birds. There is a calmness and a serenity that puts me in the right state of mind for the rest of the day.

It’s a beautiful day dream to have right now but reality calls. I have been trying different things to get myself up in the mornings.

I came up with the idea of breakfast dates with my husband twice a week, where I would wake up with him and make breakfast. It was great for the first couple of weeks but fizzled. Why is it so damn hard for me to keep a routine? Breakfast with my husband is fun. What the heck is my problem?

Asha my large dog loves being out in the mornings and I love being out with her, just the two of us. Walking in the early morning sets me up for a good day. All I hear are the sounds of my feet hitting the pavement and the air brightens me up. So why can’t I make my brain and body work together every single day to do something I love?

I wish I could be one of those people who can hop out of bed and greet the day with song and dance, like I am in a Disney movie. I have the best of intentions but most times I just squeeze by.

I love the mornings that I have my shit together and I want more of them. Maybe I need to move my bedroom outside into a tent…

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