My Hectic Perspective 

My morning yesterday started off incredibly hectic and in the pit of my stomach I felt a crushing anxiety start to reach over my entire body and mind. There was a snowball effect of issues that in my mind kept mounting. I have a hard time dealing when circumstances outside of my control spin out. 

I sent my husband text messages loaded with profanity, directed towards the situation and not him. I feel horrible that my daughter has learned so many cuss words from me – most of which pour out of my mouth when driving or in situations related to the car, which is where the stress came from yesterday morning. 

When my daughter and I finally reached our destination, we had fifteen minutes to spare and she read me the book she got in her McDonald’s Happy Meal. 

In the calm of what was a chaotic morning, I apologized to her for the chaos. To my surprise she didn’t seem to think the morning was crazy at all. It was fun! 

WHAT? FUN? HOW WAS THIS MORNING FUN?!? Two people, same situations, two different perspectives… 

We went to McDonald’s twice. Junk food and toys! Screw you car for foiling my wholesome tuna sandwich plans for lunch.

We walked to Wal-Mart. I guess walking to Wal-Mart with your mom is fun. I was wearing a hoodie, dog fur covered sweat pants, and flip flops not designed to walk any great distance. It was 26 above and the sun was beating down on me and I was so uncomfortable and hot but couldn’t remove a layer because I had nothing under my hoodie. I was miserable. 

We rode in a taxi and it looks like the back of a police car without bars on the windows. Oh child, you don’t have a booster seat and that seat belt barely fits you properly. You’re so tiny. Why is it legally OK to put a child in the back of a taxi without a car seat or booster seat but it is against the law to not use one in a personal vehicle? Oh thank god, we have arrived at Kal Tire and you’re alive!

Perspective and how we choose to think can really make or a break a day. So often I have let issues ruin an entire day, dwelling and sulking on how the day is continuing to suck. Next time I have a moment that is not going well, I’m going to look at it through the lense of my daughter and see what I can make positive out of a negative situation. My kid is such an inspiration. 

Stay tuned for part two of Saturday. I went out for a late afternoon hike… 

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