Celebrating Sobriety 

I have been sober for one year and three months. My anniversary is February 14th. On a day that is commercially sold as romance and love, I decided to love myself more than I ever had before. It is the day that I decided to rewrite my future and give myself a stronger chance to achieve my goals.

I fell in love with a ring that became a symbol of motivation to reach one year. Daydreaming and looking at it online gave me something else to think about when times got tough. I shared images of it with certain people. It was another way to help keep myself accountable and focused. 

I chose a different ring when it came time to actually purchase my reward. I wanted a ring that spoke to me more than just being gorgeous and frosted with sapphires. I wanted something a little more simple and told a story about how I began to heal.

The ring is called Branches. Yes, like a tree branch. The branches I saw while hiking, camping, and soul searching. Branches that are strong and can withstand storms. When a branch breaks, a new one can grow. Nature is my solace and as beautiful as my motivation ring is, nature has captured my heart.  

A reminder of how powerful I am

My ring is from Mokada Custom Jewelry Design Studio on Waterfront Drive in Winnipeg. I had the opportunity to tell a bit of my story to the owner, Mona Stott and she sincerely congratulated me and wished me well. We talked a little bit about our outdoorsy nature and also how we like to get glammed up. I was ecstatic with joy the entire time I was in her shop. 

On Mokada’s website, Mona writes “History has taught me that each person has walked a unique path leading up to the moment we meet, and I get to tell their story with the jewelry we make.” 

I chose Mokada because of the personal service I would receive and I try to support small, local businesses whenever possible.  I encourage you to view the website and visit if you’re looking for jewelry. The service I received was amazing and I hope to return one day for more special jewelry.  http://www.mokada.ca

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