Christmas is Done!!

I hit the trail yesterday to walk off some frustration and low-spirited emotions. I hiked for about an hour and I could have hiked longer but I had a gathering to go to. I laid in the snow after my hike, letting the frozen ground and fluffy snow hug me. The chill was refreshing and I wanted to lay longer.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, I am beyond glad that Christmas is over and I am eagerly anticipating removing every single sign of Christmas from my house. Every sparkly ornament and glittery peice of ribbon will be shoved into a rubbermaid bin and kept under the dark basement stairs until the whole jingle-jangle shinnanigans is done again next year.

I made the best of what Christmas means to me. I put extra thought and effort into where I donated, wanting to help women and children. The extrovert in me organized Minute to Win it games at work. Watching people act like weirdos made a lunchroom full of people laugh. I enjoyed get togethers with friends and I am grateful for the unexpected gifts my daughter received.

It would not be Christmas without problems from the past racing through my mind and reliving the heated conversation I had with my brothers a couple of days ago. Anger and accusations. Feeling scared and nervous. Tears and wrathful. Finally, forgiveness.

Good riddance, Christmas is over and I can move on to something else.

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