Releasing the Chaos

Since making my mental health a top priority, I have become more open to creating the life that I want instead of just floating through the life that was around me. The chaos that once was has dissipated and I no longer need to live with it.

Chaos is horrible. It sent me spinning in constant circles unable to find a way out. At one time I believed that I had to embrace the chaos but it only hindered me. The mindset of embracing the chaos did not work for me. I look back and see who I was and who I am now and the calm energy instead of chaos is far more beneficial.

How I have released the chaos:

  1. Opting for tea instead of alcohol. I am at peace and confident now with my decision to not drink alcohol.
  2. Medication for depression and talk therapy. It took me a long time to find the right medication and dose. I accept that I may have to change medication again over time and I pay very close attention to my thoughts and actions and am honest with myself. Therapy with the right therapist has done wonders for me.
  3. Camping, hiking, nature, and the outdoors. I am a weekend warrior that is outdoors at every opportunity. I take a lot of pride in passing my love of hiking and camping down to my daughter (stay tuned for a post about this past weekend).
  4. Reading. In January my goal for 2017 was to read twelve books. I passed that goal in June. With the move to our new house, reading took a backseat and I have slowed considerably, trying to make my way through one book for the last two months. Last night I cracked open my Kindle and read until my eyes became droopy.
  5. Moving to an area of the city that has a quiet energy. My new home has an abundance of sunshine flowing through the windows, green space and a pond, and bike and walking trails. It is paradise.
  6. Yoga. I practice daily whether it is a 45 minute session in the “quiet room” or a few minutes at work for a good stretch. Yes, I may look like a weirdo at my desk in Warrior pose but I am content and releasing the chaos. I am also making an effort to do an Instagram challenge to keep me motivated @backpackchronicles

It is inevitable that there will always be chaos around me and I am one who can roll with the punches and change. I choose calm energy instead with situations that I can influence in my day to day life. Release the chaos and embrace the calm energy.


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