The Twelve Villains of Christmas

I attended my brothers Christmas church production along with my mom on December 23. His church puts together a yearly theater-like production at Christmas and although I have been invited in previous years, I only accepted the invitation this year. Declining the invitation has nothing to do with church and more so my relationship with my brother. Accepting the invitation felt right and something that I needed to do. The time was right.

I will be honest, with my strong love hate relationship with Christmas, I was quite intrigued by the title of the production. I’m sure you can guess who I was rooting for. The characters in the production were another reason I attended.

In short, the story is that the Grinch was tired of being good and wanted to steal Christmas from Whoville again. He recruited some famous trouble makers like Scrooge, Hans Gruber, and Marv and Harry to be his un-moral compass and to help him steal Christmas. In the end, they were all saved by the story of Christmas and Jesus. There was a lot of humour and the acting was pretty good.

I am thankful that I attended the service. I left feeling entertained, relaxed, and calmer. Everything that seemed to be harshing my mellow was no longer an issue. I found myself more present in the days that followed.

Having grown up attending church, I am familiar with the religious side of Christmas and I know the stories. It’s something I can appreciate even though it is not part of my day-to-day life. It’s familiar and comforting. The Pastor talked for a bit, we sang Christmas songs, and lit candles. It was all very nice.

Coming together with people in a calm environment was exactly what I needed to feel harmony within. I’m really glad I went.

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